Just Like Family

The stack of brightly colored Fiestaware dishes wait on the counter while brandy butter sauce bubbles on the stove. Mingled scents of sizzling fajitas and Mexican apple dumplings waft through the air. Just one look around Jolynn’s kitchen makes it obvious: Jolynn loves people and she loves to entertain.

Her friends scoot their chairs around the table and Jolynn offers a blessing of thanks. As she spoons guacamole on her plate, Jolynn is reminded of the most important ingredients in life: a meal cooked to perfection, spending time with family and friends and sharing her faith in God.


The Right Ingredients

Jolynn learned her way around the kitchen when she was in elementary school. Success came early when her Carrot Cake took fourth place in the Oklahoma State Fair. But Jolynn knows there is more to baking than just following a recipe. And she also knows there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter loan.

Each client has different needs and real estate goals. That’s why Jolynn takes extra time to get to know her clients and understand their personal real estate needs. Jolynn’s clients appreciate her professional advice from her experience of over three decades in the financial industry. Hundreds of satisfied clients praise Jolynn’s friendly attitude and customized attention to details.

Whether her clients have perfect credit or have a blemished credit history, Jolynn has relationships with mortgage lenders across the country and works with diligent resolve to find the right loan. Jolynn understands that not everyone has a perfect credit history and she believes in working hard to help you achieve success. “Just like a bitter orange peel enhances the flavor of my orange coconut frosting,” says Jolynn, “our failures often serve to enhance our success.”


A Legacy of Uncommon Perseverance

As a descendent of a long line of farmers and ranchers that dates back over 250 years, Jolynn’s family heritage is baked in hard work, determination and tenacity. Growing up on a farm taught Jolynn the importance of perseverance and faith.

When droughts threatened the crops, Jolynn witnessed the power of prayer. When the animals got sick or the fence needed repair, she learned the value of hard work and determination. But the best lesson Jolynn learned was the satisfaction of serving others. When the harvest came in, Jolynn’s grandmother, her mother and her would put together lunch and dinner and drive it out to the workers in the wheat field. “I learned early how sweet victory can taste,” says Jolynn. “There’s nothing like celebrating the thrill of success when others accomplish their goals.”


Blending Passions

Jolynn carried on her family legacy by pursuing a degree in Agricultural Economics. She began a promising career in the State Auditor’s office but it wasn’t long until she realized something was missing—working with people and helping them achieve their dreams. After a slight redirect in her career path, Jolynn found her calling in the mortgage business. “As a mortgage lender,” says Jolynn, “I’ve blended my two passions. Not only do I get to utilize my financial expertise, I get to share in the joy of helping clients through one of the largest financial transactions of their life.”

Today, Jolynn is still serving people out in the field. Although her field has changed from the wheat field to the mortgage field, one thing has remained the same—her passion to make a difference in the lives of others.


Homemade Success

Jolynn loves serving others. If that happens at the dinner table or the closing table, Jolynn wants to help everyone achieve realize their financial goals and settle into the home that’s perfect for their family. “My love for cooking and baking is really about building relationships,” says Jolynn. “There’s a connection that happens when you sit across the table from someone.”

Whether it’s a shared meal or a financial transaction, when you sit down with Jolynn, you will sense her genuine love for people and determination to help others achieve their financial dreams.


A “Whatever-It-Takes” Attitude

If you’re considering the purchase or refinance of a home, you want to work with a dedicated professional who will cater to your personal financial needs. Jolynn has the knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish all your real estate goals and she will work hard to get the loan right for you. Experience the success and uncommon perseverance that comes from working with a “whatever-it-takes” real estate professional. Jolynn will always treat you like family. Contact Jolynn Craig now and find out how she can help you turn your real estate dreams into reality.