USDA Rural Development Home Loan


Do you live in one of the rural areas of Oklahoma such as Tuttle,  or Minco, which has been dubbed the Best Little US Town both sides of the Mississippi, DibbleNewcastleUnion CityCalumet, Kingfisher, Cashion, Crescent, or outside the  Stillwater  area or maybe not even in a city at all?  Then a USDA Rural Development home loan may be the answer for you!  These are a great zero-down loan opportunity that is available to the general public.


Not Just About Farm Loans Anymore!

When most people hear of USDA they think about farms and food inspections.  However, the USDA wants people to invest in rural communities and they urge homeownership in those areas.   Therefore they make it easy for you to purchase the home of your dreams in the area of your dreams.  They won’t typically let you finance a operating farm with your home purchase, but they will let you finance up to 5 acres with your home purchase.  These loans are available all over the United States in designated rural areas.  

Some great perks about the USDA loan are:

  • 100% Financing based upon appraised value – not the purchase price!

  • very low PMI

  • Seller can pay up to 6% closing costs

  • Great government rates

  • No loan limit

  • Approved Down Payment Assistance Programs allowed