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Oklahoma City was recently chosen as #1 of America’s Recession Proof Cities! The property values in Oklahoma have remained very stable and strong. While the nation as a whole seems to be falling in the real estate market, Oklahoma City was found to be holding up nicely. Employment rates are down, and home prices are up. This makes the Oklahoma City market great for refinances or purchase.

Living in a Rural area in Oklahoma?You will find the USDA Rural Development Loans can benefit you and your family today! New details about the USDA loans across the country are growing. No PMI and great government rates may take you one step further to your dreams.

Going Green with Oklahoma City Home Improvment is an excellent way to start your Summer Home Improvements! Saving money is on everyones mind these days, and choosing the Greenest way to move your home into its optimal energy efficientency is just a great way to improve your home’s value. Here are some popular ways to increase the value of your Oklahoma property and help the enviornment at the same time.

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Oklahoma is booming and it looks to be a very good year for refinancing your home loan. If your adjustable rate is due to re-adjust within the next 6 months, it is time to start considering your options with a custom mortgage refinance.  Home loan rates can be tricky.  The best advice you can get is to be sure you take every advantage afforded you. You will start saving on your interest rate and monthly payment as quickly as we can work through the process.  You can contact Jolynn right away to learn more.

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