After finally coming to terms with my need for glasses, I finally went shopping for a pair over the weekend. This whole coming to terms with glasses was a big thing for me. I had laser surgery in 2003 and had a big problem with here, 8 years later, needing glasses again. It’s just the principal of the thing. My boyfriend Clayton, my sister Janice and I headed out Saturday afternoon. They said they had to come along because, after all, they had an image to uphold and couldn’t afford to have me wearing some dorky frames and bringing them down. I had a coupon for a place that advertises quite a bit on TV and remember buying contacts from them years ago, I won’t mention their name, but you would be very familiar with them. Let’s just call them Eyewwear Store #1. We entered their store and after a couple of minutes a nice lady greeted us and explained their sales. There was a cabinet with 50% off frames and then pointed to the far wall and said those frames were $50 off. I selected a main pair of frames to use with my coupon and then went and looked at the sale wall. I found the PERFECT frames for some OSU sunglasses and took my selections to the counter. I sat down with a gentleman, picked out lenses and was fitted. There I was nickled and dimed for every little charge – scratch coat, polarizing, warranty. Even Clayton made the comment he felt like he was buying a car with all the up charges. I gave him my coupon and we went to pay. He totaled up the primary pair which came to about $170 with my coupon. He then tallied up my second pair of glasses. It came to $189. That didn’t make sense with the $50 off. He then explained that those frames were not “designer” and therefore were not part of the sale. I explained that we found them on the $50 off wall and even showed him the empty slot where they were found. Didn’t matter, they did not budge and wouldn’t honor the discount. Instead of costing $310, the glasses were going to cost $360. So what did I do? I walked out and didn’t buy either pair. It was just the principal of the thing.

We went to Quail Springs Mall and did some shopping and stopped in Eyemasters. There we met the lovely Sasha (an OSU pre-vet student to boot!) who explained the different types of leneses and helped me pick out some frames. Her customer service was just spectacular. And guess what? I spent a little over $400 for two pairs of glasses. I spent more, but was very willing to do so just to receive better service. There was one flat fee for lenses that included everything. The whole process was very simple. If you are in the market for some eyewear, please go to Eyemasters at Quail Springs and ask for Sasha.

In my mortgage business I have always honored my word. I’ve been in the business long enough and learned enough through the years that I don’t have many mistakes anymore. However, if there is a mistake, I do my best to correct it with no cost to the customer. I have honored rates even when they have risen, and in the rare times I have a competitor with lower fees or rates, I’ve met the competition. It’s just the principal of the thing.

So tell me, was I wrong to walk out of Eyewear Store #1? Would you have lost $50 on a sale, just to keep the overall sale? Give me your feedback on your expectations in customer service.

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