I wanted to take the time to tell about a recent loan I closed.   Earlier in the summer, my client contacted their mortgage servicer in regards to the Hope for Homeowners program and was trying to refinance their house.  When they called they had made all their mortgage payments on time, but were drowning in debt to the point they weren’t going to be able to make their house payment for much longer.   They were told they could be helped, but only if they were BEHIND IN THEIR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS BY 3 MONTHS!  They were actually advised to stop making their house payments and to call back after the 3 month time frame!  Fortunately for them, they did not follow that advice.  Had they done so, there is a possibility they would NOT have been helped under that program, but also would have ruined their credit for any other kind of loan refinance help.   Next they called me and we began the work on their refinance.  They had over $35,000 in credit card debt, plus car payments, plus their mortgage.  When I refinanced their loan, we paid off $25,000 of the credit card debt, which dropped their monthly out of pocket payments by $899, only increased their house payment by $25 and dropped their interest rate by 2%.  That my friends is REAL hope for homeowners!  If you or someone you know is feeling the squeeze by the tighter economy, lets take a look at your situation and let’s give you some hope too.

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